Assateague Island Wild Horse Tour


"We have always wanted explore more of Assateague Island while searching for the wild horses, in particular those that don't visit the developed area as often. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, knew so much about the horses, and was able to take us to places on the island we never knew existed! We were prepared for an adventure with hiking, and it was an incredible experience we will never forget."


  • Explore Assateague Island on a private guided tour

  • See parts of Assateague that are unknown to many

  • Learn about the island's rich history

  • Adventure to see the Assateague wild horses

  • Hike throughout the island, including through hidden animal trails

  • Visit the MD/VA state line

  • Access the secluded and tranquil Assateague Island OSV

  • Be driven off road on the beach


Are you interested in spending a half or full day on Assateague exploring the island for its famous horses, including those that frequent the less developed areas? Or have you always wondered what exists beyond the paved roads and over the dunes? Our wild horse tour is offered for groups up to four during the fall, winter, and spring months. 

Depending on guests preference and ability, we can hike throughout the island to explore a part of Assateague that is unknown to many. Hiking is not required, but will drastically increase the chances of seeing the horses, as well as the experience on the tour. Please contact us for more details regarding the terrain and what to expect, as we highly recommend this tour to those prepared for a hiking adventure.

Half Day vs. Full Day

Upon entering the off road section of Assateague, there are 12 miles of beach to drive on, which also means 12 miles of bayside to explore as well. A trip to the MD/VA state line can take at least 45 minutes each way, which doesn't include any time stoping or hiking. The more time spent on the tour, the more paths we can explore leading to higher chances of finding horses. On our full day tour, we will take a lunch break to recharge before continuing into the late afternoon. 


Morning: Meet at Ocean City Park and Ride for departure. If you are staying in West Ocean City or Berlin, we provide pick up and drop off directly at your lodging, just let us know upon booking. 


Along the short drive to Assateague we will talk about the rich history of the park, its formation, ecosystem, and horse population. Upon entering the park, we will do our best to spot wildlife along the way, including some of the famous horses. Sika deer and other wildlife, including a vast array of birds can sometimes be seen as we travel through the park.

After arriving at the off road / over sand section of the park, we will drive down the beach, most likely to the state line, work our way back north and explore the territories that the different horse bands are known to frequent, including two drive-able paths to see the bayside. While sometimes the horses can be found on the beach or dunes, most are often found on the bayside which requires hiking in most circumstances.

What to bring:

  • Lunch / Snacks / Drinks

  • Camera

  • Appropriate hiking attire depending on the season

  • Hiking boots that are at least shin high

  • Backpack

  • Bug Spray

Check out the link below from the National Park Service for more information about Assateague Island:

Assateague Island Safety and What To Expect

What's Included?

  • All Park Fees and Required Equipment

  • Trip Development, Planning, and Execution

  • Round Trip Transportation

  • CPR / First Aid Certified Guide

Please note: All participants must sign an assumption of risk form. Children under the age of 18 must sign the form along with a parent or legal guardian. Click here to download the form. Please feel free to fill this form out and bring it with you. We must have one form for each participant.

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