Offseason Tours to Assateague Island

Enjoy the beauty of Assateague Island during the cooler months by signing up for our offseason trips! Although Assateague Island has no real offseason and is open year-round, we provide customized day trips during this time of year.


This is our favorite time of the year to visit the island and is perfect for anyone, in particular horse photographers, birders, and those who would like to do any type of hiking to view different parts of the island rarely seen by the public. We offer horse tours to see the bands that frequent the OSV. 


If you are interested in seeing Assateague Island, including surfing (gear / wetsuits included based on temperature + conditions), horse viewing, bird watching, or anything that Assateague has to offer, please contact us! We can follow the itinerary of our Assateague OSV Day Trip or Day into Night Trip, or tailor the experience based on your ideas. 

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