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Our Mission

Why Assateague Island Tours

Throughout our years of traveling to Assateague Island and onto the OSV, we've seen countless people become refreshed and reenergized after visiting the island and experiencing all that it has to offer. It opens up a new perspective for those that visit, as many come from the city and are pleasantly surprised that a place like Assateague Island exists in Maryland. Being less than a three hour drive from three of the largest cities, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and open year-round, the island offers an escape for those looking for something different. Driving off road over sand is a special adventure many don't ever get to experience. Sharing a true Assateague experience immersed in nature and away from the crowds is our goal and what has driven us to create this business.

Andrew's Mission

While working in Washington DC, Andrew would escape the city to Assateague Island as often as possible. There was no place Andrew found that was as peaceful, refreshing and accessible as Assateague. The uniqueness, tranquility, and beauty changed his life, and he hopes to share that experience with you.

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